Monday October 23, 2023

Undergrad in India or Abroad

If parents could grow their IQ each time they got worried about their children, most of them would leave behind Einstein!! As soon as children cross Middle School, looking for the right answers/ choices becomes a daily ritual for parents. The process starts with which stream to choose, what career choices to make, whether to take Math or a foreign language, which colleges to apply to, and ultim
Monday October 23, 2023


Now, more than ever, business leaders must concentrate on the experience of the consumer. Today, companies are searching for better ways of using technology to enhance their goods, services, and processes. Corporations can fulfill customer and company needs for convenience and personalization through innovation. Saturday October 21, 2023


This topic drives me down memory lane, to the time, when I had opted for Commerce in Class XI and had outrightly rejected Humanities; assuming like many others my age, that Humanities was all about hardcore theory, theory, and more theory. But soon in Class XI, I sadly realized that Business Studies was also a Theoretical Subject (so, no escape). Since then, this Battle of Theory vs. Practical (Su
Saturday October 21, 2023


If finance and numbers capture your interest and if the first page you open in a newspaper is Finance & Economics, then a career in finance might be right for you. To help you make a decision, we have created this article to give you a comprehensive guide for understanding and pursuing a career in finance in India! Well, in its simplest form, the management of money in any form or by any proce
Thursday October 19, 2023

Online Education VS Traditional Education

Thanks to the new villain on the block, the guy who plays the deadly virus – COVID-19, online education has been trending every minute. Not just educational institutes but also big and small companies are offering online programs to their employees. Despite the soaring popularity of online education, vast groups of people still consciously stay away from such methods. Ever thought about why? 1)
Monday October 16, 2023


Nostalgic is how I feel, as I sit to jot my experiences for this blog. With more than 15 years of experience as an Educationist/ Trainer/ Public speaker/Mentor (you may have known me as any of these), I had taken more than 1000 seminars in Delhi/NCR, yet kept feeling this strong urge to spread my wings further. I would fe
Monday October 16, 2023

Career options without mathematics

“Some of the greatest ideas of all times have come to people during math cla


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