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A unit of Knowledge Library , Career Library is a one stop solution for all that a student may need during the most crucial years of his life.

We understand all that you need because we, the founder, not just come from the backgrounds of Education & Psychology but have also soiled our hands at grass root levels for nearly 2 decades.

Coming from the belief that counseling is not just an Art but also has great Science behind it, we at Career Library believe that a student does not take his decisions in silos but always looks forward to a silent consent or even a pat of encouragement from his family , teachers, peers and his Counselors when it comes to making life's decisions. Therefore, we move taking all stakeholders into consideration.

To simplify this for a student, we have the Career Repository to educate him about all that's happening around, testing tools to help him be confident in what he chooses and also a one to one counseling for all the hefty doubts his tiny mind may carry.

The sagacious wisdom and vast experience of the Mentor- Founder who together as a Team have mentored more than 6 Lakh students, touching lives of youngsters in over 1500 schools across the globe, is now all for you to reap from.

You and your child both want the best ... right ?... then why are you still waiting to book an appointment ?

We at Career Library are waiting for you!

About Founder

Anubhav Rakheja

Career Guidance Expert

Mr. Anubhav Rakheja, is a popular name among children and young adults today as a motivational speaker and a career guidance expert.

He is known for his 500+ Impact and high voltage sessions, which are a rage with the youth. His vivacious and zealous personality, girdled with his knowledge has been leaving the audience spell bound for nearly a decade now.

Here, he's loved by his students for making complex problems seem so simple that children have stopped fearing these subjects and started loving them. Anubhav has guided and mentored almost a Lakh students by now who remember him not just for his quality teaching but also for his wit and humour that make him a friend, mentor and guide.

Komal Monga

Doctorate in Psychology,
University of St Paul Minnesota USA

Komal loves to work with the youth and has taken various assignments and workshops across prestigious Institutions pan India. Up her credit is also a rich experience with Corporate houses/ Schools/ Hospitals/ NGO's/ Banks and more like - Fraser Child and Family Center - USA, Brakins Counseling and psychological services,Golden Valley - USA, Max Hospital - New Delhi, American Express - INDIA ,Escorts Hospital And Research Centre - India.

With a background in Psychology and a keen interest in People & Processes, Komal has attained Certifications in the field of Risk Behaviour, Psychotherapy, Personality and Professional Skills, Basic & Advanced counseling Skills, Developmental Psychology, Research Methodology, Employee counseling, Community Psychology, Personality testing, Neuro-Psychology, Educational Psychology and Law.


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